Celina Reynolds; Massage Instructor; Hot Stone Massage; Pregnancy Massage; Reflexology, Hand Reflexology; Tuina Tui Na; CalCopa Instructor, 
Teacher; CalCopa Massage School
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15 Things You Don't Know About Me...

Celina graduated from CalCopa as a Holistic Health Practitioner, and has been with CalCopa since 2002.  With a degree in Social and Behavioral Science, she is able to adapt her treatments and teaching to better fit the needs of students and clients. Celina has worked I many massage environments, including chiropractic offices, massage studios, sports center and privately. Celina spends most of her time raising her three kids, Judah, Delilah and Ophelia.


Celina loves to teach, and she has been with CalCopa for ten years. CalCopa is her home away from home. Her goal is to have students leave her classes prepared for the next level of education.  Celina hopes our students leave CalCopa with the confidence and knowledge to pass the National Certification exam, or any city tests required for licensing. In addition to teaching both full-time and part-time classes, Celina helps out in the office when needed.

  1. My favorite meal is cereal.
  2. I have a pet fish.
  3. I have been an avid fan of Survivor for well over 20 seasons.
  4. I have had a spider in my ear.
  5. My bedroom was over thrown, and taken by a Nuptial Flight of ants.
  6. I quilt and crochet.
  7. I trained myself to enjoy black coffee, so that I never have to go without in case there is no cream or sugar.
  8. I remember song lyrics, but I am tone deaf.
  9. I have won two physical competitions in my life: getting past a motion sensor and holding ďplankĒ the longest.
  10. I am a certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor.
  11. Iíve jumped out of an airplane.
  12. Iíve had a chicken locked in my car.
  13. Out of necessity, I killed, cleaned and ate our rooster.
  14. Not a hugger.
  15. I use the two loop method to tie my shoes
Celina Sahagun