Emily Cohen; Director; Instructor; CAMTC; NCBTMB; Business Practices Practicum; Owner; CalCopa Massage School
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Emily Cohen joined the CalCopa family as the school's Director in January 2006.  She has more than twenty years experience in management, training and curriculum development.  Under her guidance the school has refined its educational criteria, added several new electives and enjoyed a 100% pass rate on the grueling NCTMB exam.  At the same time, she completed all of the classes comprising the Massage Practitioner Program, secured licensing in Torrance and Huntington Beach, California and gathered some industry experience working for Burke-Williams Day Spa.  She also teaches the Massage Technician, Ethics and Business  & Professionalism classes and occasionally volunteers as a CPR/First Aid instructor for the American Red Cross.
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15 Things You Don't Know About Me...
  1. I have never drank an entire Coke.  Or Pepsi.
  2. I LOVE to drive...anything.  Even crappy cars.
  3. When I get stressed, I dream about sharks or guns or my teeth falling out.
  4. I probably eat, on average, one serving of chicken every day.
  5. I talk out loud in my car.  By myself!
  6. I hate cilantro.
  7. I also hate ginger, but I like gingerbread, gingerale and gingersnaps.
  8. I broke this really nice bowl and didn't fess up when the cat took the fall.
  9. I am not shy, but...I am excessively introverted.
  10. I can go for days without talking on the phone.
  11. I was an SAT math tutor.
  12. Birthday cards are my favorite things to buy for people.
  13. I have never played Jenga.  Neither has my husband.  One of the few things we have in common.
  14. Biggest fears:  insolvency, my car being bugged (see #5), cockroaches.
  15. Allergic to:  planet earth, all its inhabitants.  Except humans.  And cockroaches.  Seriously, I was tested for that.
Emily Cohen, B.A.