CalCopa Massage School

Dean of Teachers and Associate Director
CAMTC #22754
15 Things You Don't Know About Me...
  1. My initials are M M M M (or 4M) which stands for Michelle Marie Margaret Mangano.  My parents liked alliteration.
  2. I worked on a small town newspaper as the Agriculture and Sports Editor and city photojournalist.
  3. I would love to be a part of "The Geek Squad."
  4. I can whistle without moving my lips and can whistle "Twinkle, Twinkle" on my hands.
  5. The orphanage I was adopted from burned down with all its records.  This is why Emily thinks I'm the anti-Christ.  I'm not.
  6. I have a karaoke business called "Your Key Karaoke...With Over 6,500 Songs, There's Always a Song In Your Key." - I know...long title.
  7. I taught myself how to build websites -  I built this site.  See #3.
  8. My super, guilty pleasure - The Spice Girls.  Actually, I don't feel guilty about it.
  9. I'm hugely competitive...but a gracious loser.
10.  I love teaching more than anything...and I'm the best.  See previous #.
11.  I, unintentionally, imitate people's voices and will start speaking in their accent.
12.  I broke my tibia and fibula, radius and 3rd metacarpal and every toe (except the big toe) on both feet.  See #9.
13.  I made a pledge in high school to try any food given to me at least once.  I still live by this rule.
14.  Because of above rule, I discovered I am definitely not a fan of gooey textures (example:  gummy anything).
15.  My goal as a massage therapist is to be the most effective with the least amount of effort.  I try to instill  this approach in our students. 
Michelle Mangano, BA