CalCopa Massage School
A Little About Myself:
I am blessed to have a happy marriage and in this lifetime have chosen to have 4 beautiful partly wild cats instead of children. Each one brings me such joy and unconditional love. I love to travel and have been fortunate to have traveled all over the world. I am also an artist that loves to paint, make jewelry and quilts.
I am very grateful that I have a successful career in Nutritional Consulting and Education here in Southern California of which is in its’ 23rd year. I love learning and have achieved several degrees including a Bachelors in Nutrition, Masters in Metaphysical Sciences and a PhD. in Nutritional Sciences. I have written two books, “The Pollution Inside You” and “New Zealand’s Natural Health Remedy” and have written numerous articles. I am currently writing another book as well.
I was a Massage Therapist for 10 years back in the 90’s which evolved into my desire to achieve and share Whole Body Wellness. With this in mind, I found my second passion in the Healing Arts with Reiki. I received my Reiki certifications from one of the first generation of Reiki Masters in Sedona, Arizona. Reiki has changed my life over the years for the better in so many amazing ways. I have been teaching Reiki now for 17 years and I love sharing this powerful healing energy with all those that are drawn to it.
Dr. Rhonda
PhD, Reiki Master, Author, Wellness Coach
My Mission Statement:
“You can choose health or disease. You can choose love or hate. You can choose to live in darkness or you can live in light. Be grateful that you have choices. Remember only you can make the right choices for you.” By Rhonda Donahue, PhD Author of “The Pollution Inside You” and New Zealand’s Natural Health Remedy.”