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15 Things You Don't Know About Me...
  1. In high school I never wanted to have kids.  I have four.
  2. I really like teenagers.  Don't tell mine.
  3. My two favorite words, "road trip."
  4. I taught children how to sing and dance for 17 years.
  5. I can still do the splits and a back bend.
  6. I play the flute, ukulele and steel drums.
  7. Once a year I travel to a field in Indiana to camp with 300 ukulele players for a week.
  8. If my license plate frame said "What I'd rather be doing..." it would say "napping."
  9. I have zero fashion sense.  I like uniforms.
  10. I have two chihuahuas and I'm ridiculously in love with them.
  11. I would be more upset if someone stole my van than if my house burned down.
  12. I really enjoy creating and cooking food.  I love feeding people good food.
  13. The beach is my "church."  I believe the ocean air feeds my body.
  14. I have a fixation with the color red and "Hello Kitty."
  15. I envision my retirement years living at the beach in an old Winnebago with cats.

Sally joined the staff in April of 2011 as an office assistant. She soon realized what a great opportunity she had happened on and started taking night classes at the school the following year. She's kept her position at the school and performs massage on her days off. She loves both her jobs.

She's an HB native and lives locally with her husband Mike, 4 kids and too many pets.

Sally Cardinal